Bird Strike Brochure

Bird Strike Brochure .pdf

Bird Strike Brochure

This document is the Bird Strike Brochure. Eliminating ponds for safer skies by taking stormwater underground is discussed. StormTech offers a more economical and eco-logical solution with StormTech Chambers.

Every year in the US, wildlife hazards cause $600 million in damage to civilian and military aircraft, and that is just the financial cost. Since 1988, 219 people have lost their lives in incidents involving aircraft collisions with wildlife. Among the wide variety of airport wildlife management processes used to address the threat, removing the appeal

of potential surface water habitat has proven to be an effective – and humane – approach to mitigating risks to aviation from bird strikes. The fact that the US Transportation research board commissioned a report on the issue in 2008 suggests the importance of effective airport stormwater management as an essential element of wildlife collision risk mitigation.

With safety, durability and longevity in mind, Stormtech chambers are engineered and built to conform to ASTM 2418, ASTM F-2922 and ASTM F-2787 standards. They also exceed AASHTO 12.12 LRFD requirements for both live and dead loads that require a 2-1 safety factor.

When built for airfield applications, the polyethylene or polypropylene polymer materials formulated for Stormtech chamber systems are also resistant to the effects of chemicals used in aircraft deicing applications. Manufactured for remarkable durability and longevity, and providing a compact physical footprint and easier installation, Stormtech stormwater management systems offer a solution that is both more economical and eco-logical. Place stormwater underground to eliminate open retention and detention ponds, which attract water fowl to settle close to active runways.

Bird strike stats are provided in addition to photos of the chamber system.

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