Legacy Parkway Salt Lake City

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Legacy Parkway Salt Lake City

This document is the case study for Legacy Parkway Salt Lake City. N-12 pipe used for the new Legacy Parkway discussed.

To alleviate traffic congestion from I-15 amid the population growth north of Salt Lake City, the Utah Department of Transportation constructed the Legacy Parkway.

The new highway was contracted in three design-build projects to encourage industry competition and since the parkway was a new design concept in the United States.

Throughout the project, N-12 remained the pipe of choice of the engineers.

A key component was a long lasting highway life. With the Great Salt Lake nearby, the stormwater system needed to provide a sustainable infrastructure. N-12 pipe has the ability to withstand the soil’s corrosive nature, whereas concrete or steel pipe would corrode. N-12 was also the pipe of choice because of its structural strength, durability and competitive costs.

The installation was done in December 2006-September 2008 using 56,500’ (17,221 m) of 18”-60” (450-1500 mm) N-12.

Photographs of the project are included.

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