Saddle Gasket Product Sheet

Saddle Gasket Product Sheet.pdf

Saddle Gasket Product Sheet

This document is the Saddle Gasket Product Sheet. Description, features, benefits, time saving chart and gasket comparison provided. Gasket detail shown.

Advanced Drainage Systems introduces a new saddle gasket that will save on installation time. The gasket fits pipe diameters 12”-36” (300-900 mm) and is used for dual wall N-12® (HDPE) and HP Storm (PP). The gasket and pipe can then be installed into the bells of Nyloplast basins or fittings.

Features and benefits include Gaskets fits dual wall N-12 (HDPE) and HP Storm (PP) pipe. Pry hole technology for 24”-36” (600-900 mm) is ADS exclusive. Watertight performance per ASTM D3212. Product simplification. Audible “snap” to know when saddle gasket has been installed properly onto pipe. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

A significant installation time savings charts shows for each diameter of pipe, a comparison between valley gasket install time verses saddle gasket install time.

A gasket comparison chart shows the new gasket code verses the old gasket code for various pipe sizes.

A Saddle Gasket detail is shown with QR code for installation video.

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