SaniTite HP Long Service Life Case Study

SaniTite HP Long Service Life Case Study.pdf

SaniTite HP Long Service Life Case Study

This document is the case study for the SaniTite® HP Long Service Life, Moberly, MO. An old brick sewer infiltrating too much groundwater discussed.

The City of Moberly, Missouri needed to replace an old brick sewer that was allowing the infiltration of too much groundwater.

Originally, the specifications called for 54” (1350 mm) closed profile PVC and 60” (1500 mm) RCP. But Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. had a highly successful project with SaniTite HP the prior year. Moberly and Jacobs Engineering Groups, Inc. also preferred to use a product that offered a superior service life. Therefore, SaniTite HP was selected for the combined sewer overflow .

SaniTite HP was selected because it is lightweight, has long laying lengths, is easy to install with its integral bell-and-spigot joint and because all three parties have had a proven track record utilizing ADS products.

The installation went well as Emery Sapp and Sons’ production rate increased dramatically. On at least six days, the contractor was able to install more than 200’ (61 meters) in a 15’ (4.5 m) deep trench.

The installation was done in 2009-2010 using 3,300’ (1005 m) of 60” (1500 mm) SaniTite® HP.

Photographs of the project are included.

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