EnviroHood Nyloplast Maintenance Guide

EnviroHood Nyloplast Maintenance Guide.pdf

EnviroHood Nyloplast Maintenance Guide

The Nyloplast EnviroHood is an innovative stormwater quality device attached to the inside of a catch basin or manhole designed to prevent the outflow of floating debris and oil. It’s a great device for course particle separation and ideal for a rough pretreatment device.

The need for cleaner stormwater has caused municipal leaders to demand forward-thinking solutions to improve their overall water quality. The EnviroHood offers lower installed costs and less intrusive installations than competitive devices.

These units come preinstalled in Nyloplast basins for fast, easy, hassle free, job site installation.

Installation shall be in accordance with Nyloplast installation procedures and those issues by local building/construction regulations. The required minimum sump located in the typical installation is to allow for sediment to accumulate in the sump and allow the EnviroHood to properly function.

Maintenance Recommendations are: Over the span of the first year of a new installation, monthly monitoring is recommended once the site has stabilized. Measurements should be taken using some sort of probe or other device. During the monitoring and removal process, check for evidence of restricted flow such as a high water level or clogging debris. After the monitoring period, it is best to continually schedule maintenance based on the amount of sediment accumulating in the sump of the structure and how much oil and debris is visible on the surface of the water over time and it is best to clean out the structure as quickly as possible after a spill.

If another device that assists in the removal of pollutants and coarse debris is used, such as a Flexstorm product, follow the maintenance considerations for that product. A vacuum truck is best for the removal of debris and pollutants when necessary. After the collection of the waste, it shall be disposed of according to the local environment requirements.

Once the waste has been removed, check seals and mounting hardware to ensure the EnviroHood can function properly.

Typical installation details included.

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