BaySeperator K Units Installation Guide

BaySeperator K Units Installation Guide.pdf

BaySeperator K Units Installation Guide

This document is the BaySeparator K Units Installation Guide. A CAD image and installation methods and instructions with dimensions included.

This installation guide is reference for installing the BaySeparator water quality units K models into a precast concrete structures in the field. The CAD image shows the manhole cover, storage manhole, primary manhole, inlet/outlet pipe and joint couplers.

When installing a standard “K” model, the separator component will be shipped to the job site in a “wrapped” pallet with all the parts and this instruction sheet included. The

appropriate concrete manholes or structures may be shipped separately to the job site, but both internal components and concrete structures are required to complete the installation. Do not proceed until all components are at the given site. A list of tools required for installation is shown.

Standard Installation Methods notes to contact utility locator to mark any nearby underground utilities and make sure it is safe to excavate. Reference the site plan and stake out the location of the BaySeparator unit to be installed. Excavate the hole, providing any sheeting and shoring necessary to comply with all federal, state and local safety regulations. Level the subgrade to the proper elevation. Verify the elevation against the BaySeparator system’s dimensions, the invert elevations, and the site plans. Adjust the base aggregate, if necessary. Have the soil bearing capacity verified by a licensed engineer for the required load bearing capacity.

Installation instructions explain to determine the separator configuration (right-handed or left-handed) and compare it to the configuration specified on the site plan. To determine the configuration, look at the plans and imagine standing upstream and looking downstream through the system. If the storage manhole is located on the right, then the unit is “right-handed”, and vice versa. If the unit is not properly configured, the stub pipes, located on the bottom or belly of the BaySeparator that feed into the secondary manhole, must be repositioned by unbolting the two bottom flange sections and swinging the stubs 180 degrees from its original configuration (see Figure 1 Flange view). Remember, the bolts must be retightened to the appropriate torque using a crisscross pattern for tightening, similar to putting an automobile tire back on to a car.

A table for unit number, footprint length/width dimensions and diagram included.

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