Thermoplastic Liners for Detention Systems StormTech Brochure

Thermoplastic Liners for Detention Systems StormTech Brochure.pdf

Thermoplastic Liners for Detention Systems StormTech Brochure

StormTech chambers offer the versatility to be designed as open bottom detention systems, retention systems or watertight detention systems. Although the vast majority of StormTech systems are unlined detention systems, by incorporating a continuous membrane liner, StormTech chambers can be effectively used for separation applications.

Advantages to this system are maximizing infiltration area, design safety factor with open bottom detention system and controlled discharges with lined detention systems. A cross section of the system and a thermoplastic liner detail is included. Benefits of StormTech detention systems offers all the advantages of a closed system, while utilizing the full storage capacity of the excavation, system integrity is based on a continuous thermoplastic membrane, used to reduce separation distance to groundwater, protects ground water quality from pollutant sources found in stormwater runoff and the combined volume of the chambers and stone voids results in a cost-competitive detention system.

The key components of a lined chamber system design are membrane integrity and control of maximum water surface elevation. Membrane integrity is achieved by selecting an appropriate liner material and seaming techniques, by providing protection against puncture and limiting buoyant forces. The watertight membrane for StormTech chamber systems does not cover the top of the bed.

An outlet control structure or upstream high flow bypass is designed such that the maximum water surface elevation in the bed is below the top of the liner. Photos and detail included.

9 steps are listed for the installation of detention systems with a photo showing non-woven fabric placed over PVC liner and angular backfill around chambers.

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