Canada Geotextile Brochure

Canada Geotextile Brochure.pdf

Canada Geotextile Brochure

This document is the Canada Geotextile Brochure. Description of geotextile products and their applications with benefits explained. Photographs included.

ADS woven and non-woven geotextile products are for soil stabilization, reinforcement, erosion control, separation, filtration and drainage. A table showing the application, specification, category for nonwoven and woven values is shown.

Nonwoven geotextiles are used to stabilize roadways and can be used on drainage systems to filter solid particles. They are produced from high quality, needle punched, staple fiber geotextiles. Applications listed are subsurface drainage, roadway separation, railroad stabilization, hard armor underlayment, landfill leachate collection and underground retention/detention systems. Each of these applications are explained with photographs.

Woven slit tape geotextiles are is composed of flat yarns with high tensile strength at low elongation and used to distribute loads to reduce rutting and extend the life of paved/unpaved roadways. Benefits for use on unpaved roadways, paved roadways, sediment control and directions for picking the right woven geotextile explained.

Woven monofilament geotextile are woven together to create a stable construction fabric used for subsurface drainage, hard armor underlayment and landfill leachate collection. Benefits for each application is explained with accompanying photographs.

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