TN 6.23 Structural Design of StormTech

TN 6.23 Structural Design of StormTech.pdf

TN 6.23 Structural Design of StormTech

This document is the Technical Note for Structural Design of StormTech. An overview, design requirements, AASHTO Standards and analysis discussed.

This Technical Note summarizes key components of structural design and national standards for subsurface thermoplastic structures. ADS StormTech was developed in North America and is designed and manufactured to fully comply with the relevant North American standards. The purpose of this technical note is to provide a single point of reference for North American structural design principles and a cross-reference to Eurocode structural design methodology. Although the focus of this guidance is on arch-shaped chamber systems, the principles apply to the wider category of buried products of various structural shapes and material properties.

Design requirements for thermoplastic structures and subsurface thermoplastic systems are explained. North American structural design approach is included.

The AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications are the primary source of design standards for soil-structure interaction under traffic loads. Section 3 of these specifications provide for calculation of loads and Section 12.12 provides for structural design of buried thermoplastic structures. The ASTM standards are listed.

Select embedment and backfill material support is a key component of the soil-structure interaction system. Aggregate-based columns between thermoplastic components provide the load paths from the load above to the foundation below. For select embedment and backfill material-structure designs, the embedment and backfill material reduces the load that the thermoplastic components must carry and limits the deflection and strain of the thermoplastic components. StormTech chambers are designed and rigorously tested in accordance with AASHTO/ASTM standards to provide a reliable subsurface system.

Eurocodes linking to AASHTO/ASTM are explained with a Eurocode modeling study included. Load cases and analysis with results are provided with references.

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