Connect and Carry On OneFit Product Sheet

Connect and Carry On OneFit Product Sheet.pdf

Connect and Carry On OneFit Product Sheet

The ADS® Inserta Tee® OneFit™ allows contractors to connect and carry on – connect a lateral to a mainline pipe quickly and then move on in the project.

OneFit is the most versatile lateral service connection built with an unmatched level of adaptability. OneFit works with any type of pipe and fits any mainline pipe 10” (250 mm) or larger. OneFit can be used for roof drain leaders, agricultural drainage, turf & recreation drainage, retention/detention systems, water quality systems, with Nyloplast® structures and StormTech® chambers.

OneFit is more cost-effective than fabricated and molded tees. OneFit installs in minutes with a few easy steps for fast installations, which saves a contractor time and money. OneFit provides the same superior performance and reliability as the original Inserta Tee and is accepted by thousands of municipalities and engineers.

OneFit reduces the number of SKUs needed for lateral connections and is unlike any other connector on the market today.

The OneFit sheet also provides a table that compares OneFit to rubber saddle tees, saddles and other lateral connection products. The comparisons show OneFits superiority in testing, installation, mainline adaptability and lateral connection.

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