MC-7200 StormTech Cross Section Detail

MC-7200 StormTech Cross Section Detail.dwg

MC-7200 StormTech Cross Section Detail

Acceptable fill materials for the StormTech MC-7200 Chamber Systems

This document details StormTech MC-7200 Chamber Systems acceptable fill materials.

The description section outlines material locations such as final fill, initial fill, embedment stone and foundation stone. Descriptions for each location are listed, along with the AASHTO material classifications. Compaction/Density Requirements are noted for engineers to use when planning.

Notes to consider are AASHTO designations for gradations only. StormTech compaction requirements. Standard design load considerations, and layer placement for site design engineer discretion.

A cross section diagram of the StormTech MC-7200 Chamber System represents minimum requirements for installation. The diagram details the geotextile interaction with the fill, perimeter stone fill, excavation wall location, pavement layer, depth of stone and subgrade soils.

Additional notes include: ASTM F2418 chamber classification, ASTM F2787 structural design requirements, bearing resistance responsibilities, perimeter stone guidelines, handling & installation, secure joint direction, and ensuring arch integrity.

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