Ecostream BioFilter Standard Detail

Ecostream BioFilter Standard Detail.dwg

Ecostream BioFilter Standard Detail

This document is the EcoStream Biofilter Standard Detail. ADS EcoStream specifications shown with diagrams and charts.

The EcoStream Biofilter is a biofiltration stormwater treatment technology that relies on physical, chemical and biological mechanisms to remove total suspended solids, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, heavy metals, oil and grease, trash and bacteria.

The table has headings of vault size, minimum inlet to outlet depth, media filtration area, overflow to outlet depth, deign treatment, bypass standpipe, total hydraulic capacity, bypass bay weir flow and tree grate size with all corresponding values.

4 diagrams featured are tree grate placement, EcoStream profile view with standpipe bypass (plant option), EcoStream profile view with bypass weir (non-plant option) and a cross section of the unit showing filtration bay, throat/pipe inlet, rip rap at all inlet points, inlet orifice, optional bypass bay, bypass weir, outlet pipe, outlet assembly and underdrain.

The ADS EcoStream specifications for products explains internal components, filter media/vegetation and precast concrete vault.

Performance notes that the stormwater filter system shall be an online or offline design capable of treating 100% of the required treatment load at full sediment load conditions. The stormwater filter system shall have no moving parts and that the treatment unit shall be designed to remove at least 80% of total suspended solids per NJDEP


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