PVC Coupling Specification

PVC Coupling Specification.pdf

PVC Coupling Specification

This document is the PVC Coupling Specification. Scope, requirements, joint performance, material properties and installation explained. Figure included.

This specification describes the PVC Coupling for use in joint repair of surface drainage applications.

PVC couplings are manufactured from SDR 35 Sewer PVC pipe stock. All PVC couplings shall be manufactured to meet the mechanical property requirement for fabricated fittings as described in ASTM D3034 and F679.

Joints created by the PVC coupler shall be manufactured with a bell coupling sized to accept dual wall corrugated HDPE pipe with a rubber gasket. A joint lubricant supplied by the manufacturer shall be used on the gasket and bell during assembly Gaskets supplied with the coupling shall meet the requirements of ASTM F477. The joint shall be watertight according to the laboratory requirements of ASTM D3212. Joints shall remain watertight when subjected to a 1.5 degree axial misalignment.

PVC coupling shall be manufactured from SDR 35 Sewer PVC pipe stock meeting ASTM D3034 for 4-15-inch diameters or F679 for 18- 24-inch diameters.

Installation shall be in accordance with ADS pipe installation instructions using typical flexible pipe installation methods.

A Figure is included.

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