SaniTite HP Stormwater Control Case Study

SaniTite HP Stormwater Control Case Study.pdf

SaniTite HP Stormwater Control Case Study

This document is the HP SaniTite HP Stormwater Control Case Study. Development needed to divert water away from the creeks to protect neighborhoods discussed.

In the city of West Vancouver, B.C. development created a need to divert water away from the creeks to protect neighborhoods. The diversion would increase flood protection, reduce erosion, help safeguard residents and property and protect the watershed health of the five creeks.

InterCAD Services Ltd. needed to maintain low level flows in the creek, so they would not dry up and impact the environment. At the same time, InterCAD Services needed to divert excess creek flows during heavy rain storms by diverting the rainwater directly to the Pacific Ocean.

Intake structures were installed in the creeks to reroute heavy stormwater into the pipe, while retaining base flows within the creek. All stormwater flows up to a two-year rain event remain in the creeks, but any water flowing above the two-year level is split off between the creeks and diversion pipe. The pipe diversion is designed to function up to a 200-year storm event and provides protection to around 500 acres containing numerous homes.

The installation was done in 2020 using 800 m (2,625’) of 1500 mm (60”) SaniTite® HP pipe, 1200 m (3,940’) of 900-1500 mm (36”-60”) SaniTite HP, Fabricated bends, tees & manholes.

Photographs of the project are included.

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