ADS Pipe Drains, Cools and Warms Braves' Stadium Turf

ADS Pipe Drains, Cools and Warms Braves' Stadium Turf.pdf

ADS Pipe Drains, Cools and Warms Braves' Stadium Turf

This document is the case study for ADS Pipe Drains, Cools and Warms Braves' Stadium Turf. A new field drainage system for the Atlanta Braves stadium discussed.

As the Atlanta Braves were preparing to build a new stadium, the ball club turned to The Motz Group to construct the field drainage system as Motz had done at the Braves’ former stadium. The requirements for the new ball park would be to remove rainfall at a high rate, reuse stormwater and distribute air to provide moderate cooling or warming to the root zone to protect the turf.

Networks of high-density polyethylene pipe would be needed. Rainwater would go into a pipe that also provides a way for the temperature controlled air to heat or cool the root zone. Another pipe would collect rainwater for field irrigation and another pipe system would be buried deeper to gather air for the geothermal system. The geothermal systems is made up of 1,100’ (335 m) of 10” (250 mm) single wall pipe in coils of 300’ (91 m) to limit the number of joints. The pipe was buried from 9’-10’ (2.7-3.0 m) deep on a slope so the condensation will drain. The air is then blown through AdvanEdge flat, perforated pipes into the root zone.

AdvanEdge was also used to gather rain water from the turf’s surface. AdvanEdge was laid flat in order to drain water near the turf’s roots. Motz tested for the best perforation pattern and hole size to be used on the AdvanEdge pipe and it is now a custom perforation that ADS does for the AirPAT system.

The stormwater drainage is 2.7”-3.5” (69-89 mm) per hour. The water percolates through the ground into the AdvanEdge and goes into a 30,000 gallon (113,562 liters) underground detention unit for reuse. An impervious liner was used at the bottom of the detention unit so all the water on the field is captured. The stored water is filtered and can be used for field irrigation, landscape irrigation, wetting down the infield or warning track and washing equipment. The water management system is extremely sustainable, which serves the Braves well as Atlanta has a history of severe droughts.

The installation was done in 2015 using 1,100’ (771 m) of 10” (250 mm) Singlewall pipe, AdvanEdge® panel pipe and N-12® Dual Wall pipe.

Photographs of the project are included.

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