Canada Highway Pipe Product Sheet

Canada Highway Pipe Product Sheet.pdf

Canada Highway Pipe Product Sheet

This document is the Canada Highway Pipe Product Sheet. Features, benefits and specifications explained. Pipe dimension chart and photos included.

Advanced Drainage Systems offers its solutions for a wide variety of drainage applications. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes have exceptional strength and structural properties.

Highway pipes are ideal for stormwater management applications such as culverts, ditches, road/highway drainage, drainage and retention systems. They also are suitable for the drainage of parking lots, golf/sport courses, pond management and dam/earthworks.

The features include highway pipes meeting requirements of the Ministry of Transport Quebec (MTQ), several types of fittings available including split fittings, interior/exterior fittings, pipes from 100-200 mm in diameter offered in rolls of 30.5 m pipes that withstand repeated cycles of freeze-thaw and prolonged freeze.

Benefits are lightweight pipes that are easy to handle with less labor and equipment, quick installation and lower cost. Pipes complying with standards HS-25 and CL-625 with a minimum fill height of 300 mm. Our pipes have superior resistance to chemicals, abrasives or hydrocarbons. They do not corrode, deteriorate or crumble.

The HDPE R300 Single Wall Pipe specifications listed are for scope, requirements, perforation, filter envelope, fittings, material properties and installation. A pipe dimensions chart and photographs of the product are included.

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