October 26, 2023 / 2 minute read

ADS and The Nature Conservancy Partner to Clean Up Tiger Creek Preserve

At ADS, we believe in creating and sustaining positive social change through a circular economy. We love the work we do—it’s rewarding to build communities and establish ongoing relationships with those who recognize the important role water and recycling have in quality of life.

That’s why we were proud to partner with The Nature Conservancy to clean up Tiger Creek Preserve in Babson, Florida. Tiger Creek Preserve is a 4,980-acre preserve that protects a variety of Florida habitats. It is home to a number of threatened and endangered plants and animals, some of which exist nowhere else on Earth.

Staff recently volunteered on site with The Nature Conservancy to help steward the preserve. Volunteers collected trash and debris from the preserve, including plastic bottles, cans, food wrappers, and other items. They also removed invasive plants from the area to help protect the native plants and animals that call Tiger Creek Preserve home. 

Tiger Creek © Ralph Pace

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with The Nature Conservancy to protect Tiger Creek Preserve. This clean up event was just one small way that we can help to ensure that this beautiful and important ecosystem is preserved for future generations.

 More on the ADS Foundation's partnership with The Nature Conservancy.

How can you help?

There are many ways that you can help to protect Tiger Creek Preserve and other natural areas. Here are a few ideas:

Together, we can make a difference for Tiger Creek Preserve and other natural areas in Florida.

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