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May 29, 2024 / 3 minute read

How The ADS Foundation's $3M Gift is Improving Pediatric Care at Nationwide Children's Hospital

In January 2023, The ADS Foundation donated $3 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) to enhance professional development in pediatric behavioral health. A year later, the impact of this contribution is becoming increasingly evident. The effects of the ADS Foundation’s donation are highlighted through the programs, training, and the overall benefits for both healthcare professionals and families.

Enhancing Professional Development

The ADS Foundation’s donation has been instrumental in funding advanced training for the NCH behavioral health staff. This initiative aims not only to propel the career growth of healthcare professionals but also to ensure they are better equipped to support the mental health needs of children and families. The Chicago Parent Program (CPP), a key component of this training, has a proven track record of improving parenting skills and child behavior.

Originating in Chicago in 2002, the CPP draws on over two decades of research and has been implemented in more than 27 states, assisting over 10,000 parents. Remarkably, 94.8% of participating parents report improvements in their child’s behavior, demonstrating the program's effectiveness.

Training and Implementation

Since the introduction of the CPP training at NCH, the following significant milestones have been achieved:

  • 52 therapy staff completed training to provide individualized treatment.
  • 22 therapy staff underwent additional training to conduct group sessions.
  • 60 families have already benefited from the program.

Additionally, the Linden Primary Care facility has incorporated two new groups into their program, thanks to the additional trained staff. The Westerville Outpatient center is also set to launch its first group sessions in the coming months.

Positive Feedback from Staff

The feedback from NCH behavioral health staff about the CPP training has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • “This model exceeded my expectations.”
  • “Love this content and adaptations to make this more family and culturally friendly.”
  • “I look forward to adding to my knowledge and confidence in practice of utilizing these adaptations to the existing behavior management principles I've been practicing.”
  • “This was such a wonderful overview and training! I feel like I got new ideas for how to discuss these topics with families while also understanding how CPP differs from other parent group programs.”

These comments highlight the training's effectiveness in enhancing the staff's skills and confidence, ultimately benefiting the families they serve.

Broader Impact on Families

The impact of the ADS Foundation's donation extends beyond professional development. The enhanced skills and knowledge of the NCH behavioral health staff translate directly into better care for children and their families. The CPP’s structured approach to parenting has empowered many parents to foster healthier, happier environments for their children.

Parents involved in the program have noted significant improvements in their children’s behavior, which speaks volumes about the program's efficacy. The support provided through these initiatives helps in managing various behavioral issues, ensuring that children receive the best possible care and guidance during their formative years.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the ADS Foundation’s donation will continue to foster growth and development in pediatric behavioral health at NCH. As more staff members complete their training and additional families are brought into the program, the ripple effect of this donation will only grow stronger.

The collaboration between ADS Foundation and Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows how targeted philanthropic efforts can lead to substantial, positive changes in community health. By investing in professional development, the ADS Foundation is not only aiding current healthcare providers but also paving the way for future advancements in pediatric behavioral health.

The $3 million donation from the ADS Foundation to Nationwide Children’s Hospital has already made a profound impact within its first year. By enhancing the professional development of behavioral health staff and implementing the Chicago Parent Program, the donation is helping to create a supportive and effective environment for children and their families. 

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