August 1, 2023 / 3 minute read

Awards aren’t simply trophies, they’re a validation of ADS values

Written by Brian King, Executive VP, Marketing, Product Management and Sustainability

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) is a tremendous company, one I believe in wholeheartedly, as anyone who has heard me speak about our work will attest. It’s about more than our products. It’s about the ADS values and our commitment to operating in a way that respects and upholds those values every day.

We talk about those values a lot, both internally and externally, but in case you aren’t familiar with them, I’ll sum them up here: ADS is committed to environmental protection, to investing in a circular economy by recycling as much plastic as possible, and to protecting watersheds. ADS makes high-quality pipes, chambers, filters and other products that help manage stormwater runoff in cities, neighborhoods and agricultural fields across North America. And, ADS is dedicated to creating a workplace that embraces and celebrates diversity.

Of course, it’s one thing for our company to talk about those values. It’s another thing for ADS to live them.

I believe we do — it’s part of why I came to ADS more than three years ago. And recently, a number of outside organizations have honored ADS for living those values. Awards are nice, of course — who doesn’t like standing on a stage and receiving a trophy or plaque? But to me, these awards are about so much more than a shiny piece of hardware to add to our corporate offices. They’re validation that we are doing the right thing, that our company is growing in the right direction, and that we are making a difference in the areas in which we’ve committed to making a difference.

You can read more about the awards we’ve won here and here. They recognize ADS’ commitment to the environment. For example, USA TODAY named ADS to its inaugural list of America’s Climate Leaders for our work lowering greenhouse gas emissions intensity — and to operating our business with an eye toward caring for the communities around us. They honor ADS’ innovation and its people and products.

These awards are exciting for our team, and give us the opportunity to celebrate, which is something we all appreciate.

They also make me think about the ways that ADS and all of us as business leaders have a responsibility to build companies that not only make high-quality goods or provide high-quality services, but make life a little bit better for the people they employ, in the communities they operate, and for the broader environment at large. It’s a tall task, and no one company can “save the world” alone.

But if all — or even most — corporations identify their values and really live by them, we can certainly make a difference. That would be worth more than any award or accolade. 

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