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March 28, 2018 / 2 minute read

Helping Cities Advance Sustainability

We work closely with cities, towns and rural communities around the world to provide solutions that address their water management challenges and help advance their sustainability goals. It is a role we take seriously, as we know that with each pipe, fitting and chamber shipped, we are helping to improve the environments and lives of people everywhere. One example of this is our work in the city of Akron, Ohio, on its Aqueduct Street Green Infrastructure Project.

Akron was originally laid out in 1825, and at that time it was common practice for cities to run storm water and sanitary waste through the same pipe. Over time, cities like Akron discovered that this resulted in pollution in rivers and streams during heavy rain events, and the infrastructure needed to change to manage wet weather and reduce sewer overflows. To address this issue, Akron engaged community stakeholders to implement a variety of projects, including its innovative Aqueduct Street Green Infrastructure Project – a complete, livable and green street design that has helped the city introduce infiltration to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage stormwater.

ADS worked closely with our partners at Environmental Design Group to use creative solutions to provide a sustainable infrastructure for the city’s stormwater management. The StormTech® chambers capture rainwater, mimicking the natural water cycle by infiltrating stormwater and eliminating runoff into the nearby Little Cuyahoga River.

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