Stormwater separators are devices that use cyclonic separation to control water pollution. They are designed as flow-through structures with a settling or separation unit to remove sediment and other pollutants.


Stormwater Separator systems use the physics of flowing water to remove a variety of pollutants and are characterized by an internal structure that either creates a swirling vortex or plunges the water into the main sump. Along with supplemental features to reduce velocity, an these systems are designed to separate floatables (trash, debris and oil) and settleable particles, like sediment, from stormwater.

Features and Benefits

  • Little maintenance required
  • Contaminants in the storage manhole are trapped offline
  • Water passes through the separator unit, over the internal bypass plate, to avoid the resuspension of collected contaminants
  • Direct path of the water flow assures that the system will not cause a backup in the storm drain


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