StormTech Regulators

The Continuous Evolution of Regulations and Ordinances Pertaining to Stormwater Management

The changes to regulations and ordinances reflect growing concerns to balance the needs of area development with environmental protection.

Regulations that govern stormwater management are influenced by local area attributes and constraints, such as geology, drainage infrastructure and environmental concerns. Recognition of these local attributes and constraints in the stormwater design process helps promote conscientious development with sound environmental planning. 

Germantown Hills Casey’s 8StormTech continues to develop products and improve upon techniques to advance environmentally sound stormwater management practices StormTech began with a safe, dependable product with a structural design based on national standards, written by experts. Having a sound building block StormTech has worked with regulators and engineers to address both water quantity and water quality. 

StormTech detention systems are designed and modeled using the same techniques and software as surface ponds. So the engineer can design for both pre-development flow rates and volumes just like surface ponds.

There is no need to concentrate or relocate infiltration areas from the pre-development to post-development locations because the development needs conflict with the surface infiltration pond. When used for infiltration, our chamber systems offer the flexibility to be configured in multiple, yet cost effective arrangements on a site to best mimic pre-development infiltration conditions.

StormTech systems can be easily configured in conjunction with other stormwater quality BMPs. Proprietary BMPs can be located upstream for oil and large grit removal. Rain gardens can be located above StormTech systems and swales are commonly positioned downstream of chamber systems.

The StormTech Isolator Row was developed to capture sediments before they reach the subsurface system. Performance of the Isolator Row has been qualified first by full scale laboratory testing, then by field testing in accordance with the TARP Tier II protocol. For more information on the Isolator Row, contact your local representative.

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