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November 29, 2023 / 3 minute read

Total Water Management Solutions: Explained

Water management looks different for every field and every farmer. There’s no one size fits all approach; that’s why ADS Agriculture sales reps are here to help create the perfect water management system to ensure your land is working as hard as you are.


The foundation of a water management system is tile. Our single wall, dual wall and N-12® Flex Pipe product lines have a variety of perforated patterns to ensure peak performance based on soil type, topography, weather patterns and drainage needs. Implementing a custom water management system can improve yields, increase farmable acres and raise the value of your land.

Fittings and connectors

ADS has the largest range of specialty fitting sizes in the industry, so you have the exact, durable, affordable and easy-install solutions you need for your project.

  • N-12 dual wall fittings have smooth interior walls, offering exceptional hydraulics and strength. They can be custom-made based on project needs.
  • 4" Universal Tap Tee saves time quickly by creating a soil-tight connection to main lines and fits more pipe sizes than any other tap tee on the market.
  • Inserta Tee is a high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-install service connection. Its watertight, air-testable seal provides superior performance.


Water control structures

When designing the optimal water management system, implementing a water control structure to regulate water flow can increase efficiency and improve yields.

Water control structures effectively manage the water table in fields by setting stoplogs within the structure to the desired water level height. Active water management allows for controlled release of outlet flow, retention of valuable nutrients and effective flood mitigation.

By controlling water flow, advanced systems can implement subsurface irrigation to send water back to roots during dry spells and prevent weeds by eliminating pooled surface water.

Saturated buffer strips

A saturated buffer strip used with a water control structure enables better collection and control of water, while also improving water quality by reducing minerals escaping into waterways.

Saturated buffer strips are small sections of vegetation around a field that require little maintenance and use land that wouldn’t be used for production. Tile and water control structures are used to manage water flow through the buffer strip while absorbing nitrogen that may otherwise enter the water.

Lift stations

Lift stations allow farmers to implement a water management system where they previously did not have a suitable outlet or enough gravity to properly convey water where needed. Our lift stations are equipped with user-friendly technology to create a single system to manage water flow rates, field water table levels and power consumption.

Terrace tiling

Terrace tiling uses man-made structures that intercept runoff on slopes. They change long slopes into a series of shorter pitches that slow down running water. Terrace tiling is ideal for fields with varying elevations, as the soil has the chance to settle out, keeping it on the field.

Surface inlets are used to drain water in field spots prone to pooling to quickly capture excess water and prevent saturated areas.

ADS creates total water management solutions that stand up to the test

ADS has the expertise and product lines to help farmers or drainage contractors design and implement the ideal total water management system. Contact your sales rep to learn more about which solutions may be best for you.

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